About Me


Hello! I'm Jordan Peterson. I'm currently a student at the University of Baltimore working towards the Simulation and Game Design B.S. degree, with a focus on programming.

Feel free to read more about me or take a look around at some of my Projects.

My Passion for Games

For over ten years, I've been passionate about various video games. I've mostly taken interest in MMORPGs. I've been captivated by the worlds that they can bring to life, the complex mechanics that they are made up of, the social environments that can be cultivated, and the persistent worlds and characters that you can meet and become a part of.

For some reasons, game systems have resonated with me. I want systems to be enjoyable, intuitive, simple, and meaningful. Whenever I think a system is lacking, in my own games or ones I'm playing, I try to think through ways that the system could meet those requirements better. Through this practice, I've realized the limits of development resources, the need for monetization of certain aspects of development, and so on, and I have tried to structure my ideas around those limitations accordingly. I feel this exercise has helped to enhance my attention to detail as I've shifted into the actual production of games. Some of the suggestions I'm referring to can be found on my Suggested Systems page.

Recently, I've worked on producing smaller game projects. Many have been for school, though others have been worked on by myself or for group game jams. I've always tried to push myself in every project I work on to experiment with unfamiliar functionality and to try to build things in modular, robust ways.